Estate Sale Tips for Property Owners in Texas

Are you in charge of handling an estate and need to sell off its belongings? Estate sales are often held after someone has passed away and their property has gone through legal processes. But they can also be useful during other major life changes, like a divorce, when you need to get rid of a lot of household items. Sorting through all those belongings can be tough, especially after losing someone. Make sure to find and keep important papers like deeds, titles, and bank statements for tax purposes. Here are estate sale tips for property owners in Texas, to help you through the process.

Important things might end up in unexpected spots, like finding money in a coat pocket. Check through books for important papers and go through drawers, containers, and boxes systematically. To make sure your estate sale goes well in Texas, follow these five tips carefully.


For those planning an estate sale in Texas, it’s wise to refrain from deep cleaning antiques or other items beyond basic dusting and light cleaning. Carefully consider before deeply cleaning old furniture, as you may inadvertently remove significant value. Don’t discard or donate clothes, kitchenware, or tools from the garage, as they may hold value. Avoid holding a garage sale before the estate sale, as vintage items are highly sought after. Estate sales tend to be less successful without smaller items for buyers, as these often generate the most revenue. To navigate the emotional process of clearing out the property, consider hiring professional estate liquidators. If you prefer not to handle it yourself, contact at least two estate sale companies for assistance.

Don’t Guess

Estate sales draw people looking for special and interesting stuff, like collectibles and costume jewelry. The pros running the sale can tell you what’s valuable and give you advice. Don’t assume something is worthless just because it looks like junk to you. Otherwise, you’ll need to do thorough research on the value of the things you find, especially if there’s a bunch of similar items. It’s not uncommon for family members to realize too late that they’ve thrown away something really important. This is a key tip for property owners having an estate sale in Texas.

Plan for Remembrances

When friends or family want something to remember the deceased by, it can lead to disagreements. So, it’s smart for property owners in Texas to have a plan for dealing with these emotional situations. While some wills say who gets what, often people choose items with personal memories. But remember, these items are now considered gifts from the estate and should be within certain value limits. You don’t have to give away anything, though, and it’s not your decision alone. As the estate representative, your job is to give all the sale proceeds to the family. One idea is to have a sale just for these folks before the public one, tagging items they want to buy. This way, you meet your duty as the estate representative and keep those items out of the public sale.


Giving yourself plenty of time for the estate sale is a smart move for property owners in Texas because getting ready can take weeks. If time isn’t a problem, you might want to hire a pro to handle it or do it yourself. But if there aren’t many items left in the estate because family and friends took most of the valuable stuff, or if you’re paying monthly bills that are eating up the estate’s funds, you might consider a buy-out company. These companies come in and take everything in one go. It’s a quicker, less emotional process, but you’ll likely get less money compared to having a traditional estate sale.

Understand your Objective

It’s important to remember why you’re having the sale, which can help you cope emotionally. This tip is crucial for property owners in Texas. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, it might be best to let professionals handle it. When you contact an estate liquidation company, they’ll start by advertising the sale to attract buyers. Once they’ve seen the estate, you can’t take items back, or you’ll have to pay the company for any missing pieces.

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