Reasons Why It Pays To Avoid The MLS When Selling Your House In Texas

Discover the numerous benefits of avoiding the MLS when selling your house in Texas. Explore whether a direct sale is the right choice for you in our latest blog post!

In the realm of selling your house in Texas, sellers are presented with options. While a conventional property listing works for some, for others, it proves to be a costly and intricate process. It’s crucial to assess your property and understand the dynamics of your local real estate market candidly. For numerous homeowners in the area, steering clear of the MLS can yield significant benefits! Here are just a few reasons why opting for a direct buyer might be the more advantageous choice for you!

Save Money

Placing your house on the MLS in Texas can lead to substantial expenses. Upon careful consideration of all associated costs, you may realize that opting for a Texas real estate agent to list your house might not be the most financially prudent choice. Below are a few of the expenses you’ll encounter when following the conventional route to sell your house in Texas:

  • Repairs – When navigating the sale of your house in Texas, expect to encounter repair expenses both prior to and following the inspection phase. If you opt for property repairs, ensure that the potential returns justify the associated costs!
  • Cleaning – Whether you undertake the cleaning process yourself or enlist the services of a professional, preparing your house for the market requires both time and financial investment. Often, individuals choose to have carpets cleaned and the exterior power-washed, in addition to the essential standard cleaning tasks.
  • Advertising – In certain situations, sellers may find themselves responsible for the marketing expenses associated with their property when collaborating with a Texas real estate agent. Costs for photography, staging, premium listings, and promotional materials can accumulate swiftly.
  • Holding – Have you calculated the true cost of homeownership? It often comes as a surprise to many when they examine the comprehensive monthly expenses associated with owning a home. A mortgage, utility bills, maintenance, repairs, taxes, insurance, and various other ownership-related expenses can significantly impact potential profits one might anticipate from the property.
  • Commissions – Working with a real estate agent in Texas, you can expect to spend about 6% of your ultimate sale price to cover agent commissions. Although deemed worthwhile for certain properties, for many others, opting to save this expenditure is the more prudent choice.
  • Closing Costs – As a seller, you can expect to pay 1-3% in closing costs for the sale of your Texas property.

Opting for a direct sale to LJE Property Solutions allows you to swiftly sell your house without the usual associated costs or fees. There’s no need to cover commissions, closing costs, or undertake repairs. You can bring an end to your holding costs in a matter of days!

Avoid Negotiations

With a clear and straightforward offer from LJE Property Solutions, you’ll have a precise understanding of what to expect, including the closing timeline. No need to navigate through negotiations, handle repairs, or provide credits to entice a buyer. In many instances, buyers tend to renegotiate the sale price post-inspection and appraisal, but with a direct sale, you can bypass this process.

Keep Strangers Out

When your property is featured on the MLS, prospective buyers will express interest in visiting. We’ve assisted several home sellers in Texas who initially attempted to list their homes without success. A common concern among sellers was the constant intrusion of strangers into their homes. Maintaining a clean space and being prepared to vacate at a moment’s notice became a significant challenge, particularly for those with larger families.

Sell Fast

Selling a house fast in Texas can significantly impact your overall profits. The expenses associated with holding onto the property accumulate faster than one might realize. Before deciding to list your house, it’s essential to take into account the total cost of ownership. This includes everything from monthly utilities and property taxes to routine maintenance costs, as well as unforeseen repairs and expenses. When coupled with a mortgage, if applicable, these costs can escalate into thousands of dollars per month. If your property remains on the market for an extended period, these numbers can substantially increase over time.

Opting out of the MLS in Texas holds various advantages. Reach out to our team to determine if a direct sale of your Texas house is the suitable choice for you!

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