Costs You Need to Be Aware of When Selling Your House

When contemplating the sale of your house, it’s crucial to be aware of the various expenses involved. Whether you choose to enlist the services of a real estate agent or handle the sale independently, there are several costs that you may not have taken into consideration. In this article, we will discuss five expenses that you might not be familiar with when selling your house.

Commissions and Fees 

In addition to the customary commissions imposed by real estate agents, there may be additional charges for brokerage services and other expenses linked to engaging an agent. Even if you opt for a DIY approach to selling your house, if a buyer is involved, they may be represented by an agent who will claim a commission from your proceeds. These commissions and fees can amount to substantial sums, which might come as a surprise when selling your house.


Promoting your listing is a fundamental aspect of the selling process, and while yard signs can attract potential buyers, the internet has become the primary avenue for generating interest in your property. However, effective online marketing entails expenses that you might not be familiar with when selling your house. To stay competitive, online listings necessitate high-quality photographs captured by a professional photographer. Additionally, given the growing demand for virtual tours, engaging the services of a professional drone pilot might be necessary to provide an immersive experience for potential buyers.


Preparing your home for sale and ensuring it’s in optimal condition can be one of the most significant and daunting expenses that you may not anticipate when selling your house. As a seller, the last thing you may want is to spend more money on the property, but it may become a necessity. Inspections can reveal costly surprises, particularly in older homes, such as structural issues, foundation problems, or plumbing complications, which could amount to substantial expenses. Any known issues with the house must be disclosed, and if you’re unable to afford the repairs, you should be prepared to adjust your asking price accordingly.

Holding Costs

Maintaining ownership of a property that remains unsold on the market entails unforeseen expenses when selling your house. One potential source of delay could be a buyer’s financing falling through, which can burden you financially, especially if you have already moved forward with your plans and relocated. This situation significantly adds to the overall listing costs that you should anticipate. However, there is an alternative option to avoid these expenses: you can sell your home quickly and securely with a guaranteed closing date and a firm offer from us at LJE Property Solutions.

Closing Costs

Seller’s closing costs are additional expenses that you might not have considered when selling your house. While certain costs can be negotiated in the contract, there are various items for which you’ll be responsible. These include transfer taxes, title insurance, escrow and closing fees, HOA fees, attorney fees, and prorated property taxes. Additionally, to attract buyers, some sellers choose to offer a credit towards the closing costs as an incentive.

When selling your house, you might encounter a significant financial burden due to various costs that you may not be aware of. However, there’s an alternative approach that allows you to bypass the typical listing costs altogether. Instead of going through the traditional route, consider selling directly to LJE Property Solutions. With a direct sale, you can enjoy quick closings, usually within 30 days or less, and you won’t have to worry about making repairs. LJE Property Solutions assumes the risks by purchasing your home as-is, and they even cover all of the closing costs. To learn more, simply send us a message or call us at 254-493-2101 today!

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