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Benefits of Choosing to Sell Your Home without a Real Estate Agent

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While many believe that selling your home requires an agent, we want to disprove that idea by emphasizing the advantages to sell your home without a Real Estate Agent.

Let us share with you the advantages of handling the sale on your own…


Even if you end up selling your home on your own, real estate agents can still charge you 6% or more of the sale price, not to mention administrative, marketing, and photography expenses. However, by choosing to sell your home directly, you can save yourself thousands of dollars.

Although selling your home yourself means you’ll have to handle the advertising and showings, the money you save can help alleviate the stress of moving. Moving is always accompanied by extra expenses, but keeping some of your hard-earned money can make everything go more smoothly.

You Run The Show

If you sell your home without an agent, you have complete control over scheduling showings. You won’t have to worry about accommodating an agent’s schedule or having to leave your home at a moment’s notice. With an agent, you may be pressured into making your home available for showings at inconvenient times, even if it’s not convenient for you. When selling on your own, you can set your own schedule and have the flexibility to accommodate your needs.

Your Terms, Your Way

We buy houses in Killeen Texas

An agent’s primary focus is always going to be on their commission from the sale of your home. As a result, they may not be as open to negotiations on price as you might be. Even if you are eager to sell, the agent’s priority will be to make as much money as possible. It’s important to question whether they will truly have your best interests at heart when there’s so much money at stake.

In contrast, selling on your own gives you complete control over the process. You get to decide on all the important dates such as when the new homeowners can move in, when you have to move out, and when the closing will take place. You also get to set the terms for what you are willing to fix and how much you are willing to spend. With no agent influencing the contract, you can call all the shots and make decisions that are truly in your best interest.

Few Cash Sales Fall Through

In the world of real estate, the saying goes “cash is king.” If you can find a cash buyer for your home, it can save you both time and money. Typically, the closing process can take just a few weeks, as opposed to a few months when working with a bank, and there’s no waiting for the buyer to secure financing. With a cash buyer, the payment is direct, without any delays from banks or red tape. Deals with cash buyers are less likely to fall through, and you could end up saving a significant amount of money on repairs, staging, and other sales-related expenses.

Selling your home on your own can also save you time, which can translate into money saved. Consider the extra cash you’ll save on taxes, utilities, insurance, and your mortgage by selling your home more quickly. While a cash offer might be lower than your list price, you could end up with more money in the long run after fees, commissions, and other costs are deducted. Additionally, you’ll avoid the stress and headaches that come with having your home on the market, including people constantly driving by and even peeking in your windows.

At LJE Property Solutions, we are cash home buyers. We purchase houses in as-is conditions may it be big or small. We can also close on your schedule and help you avoid the stress of home selling.

If you are interested in selling your home and are ready for a low stress, economically logical alternative, send us a message now! There is never any obligation! 

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