5 Reasons You Should Work With An Investor Instead of An Agent

The moment has come to put your house on the market. You’re pondering whether enlisting a real estate agent for the sale in Central Texas is the right choice. Are you open to covering agent commissions? What’s your patience level for securing an offer? Have you considered the potential duration until the closing? What kinds of repairs might be necessary? Can you accommodate house showings at a moment’s notice, perhaps within 24 hours?

No Property Showings

Opting to sell your house directly to a professional home buyer in Central Texas means you can skip the emotional ups and downs. Say goodbye to exasperating phone calls disrupting your meals, inquiring about house showings. You can eliminate concerns about encountering buyer’s agents or their clients and handling questions that might be best left unanswered.

No Commissions or Fees

Real estate agents receive compensation based on a percentage of your house’s sale price. Should you choose not to engage an agent, there will be no commissions disbursed to a buyer’s or seller’s agent. This translates to substantial savings amounting to thousands of dollars. The standard commission rate is usually 3% per side, meaning if you vend your property for $400,000, you’d have to allocate $24,000 from your proceeds solely for commissions. Additionally, customary seller’s closing fees and potential transaction fees for the closing agent and the real estate agent’s office would apply. In contrast, real estate investors commonly refrain from charging commissions or transaction fees, and if they do, the costs are notably minimal.

Waiting Time Frame

Real estate agents are equipped with access to the multiple listing service, known as MLS, enabling your property to be discoverable through searches based on specific property attributes. This might appear advantageous, yet questions arise about how long the property will remain on the market and the speed of receiving offers. On the other hand, real estate investors and other direct property buyers typically possess a network of fellow buyers. So, if your property doesn’t align with their investment criteria, it could potentially suit another investor’s portfolio. This essentially translates to minimal waiting time for offers.

Moreover, when you choose to sell your property in Central Texas directly to property buyers, the closing process is typically swifter compared to traditional buyers. Furthermore, direct buyers often pay the full amount in cash. Conventional property purchases typically involve bank qualifications, mortgage underwriting timelines, property inspections, and the possibility of the buyer not ultimately meeting the qualifications.

Inspections & Repairs

In Central Texas, experienced home buyers typically acquire properties in their present condition. For sellers, this implies that there’s no need to concern yourself with making repairs prior to closing, nor any unforeseen extra costs. Certain companies even forgo the need for inspections, ensuring a genuinely as-is transaction. On the other hand, if you opt for a real estate agent, the buyer’s agent typically arranges for a property inspection. Should any structural issues be identified, you might be obliged to cover the expenses for rectification before the property sale concludes.

You Have Time

Opting for an investor rather than an agent to sell your house in Central Texas usually grants you additional time after the closing to relocate. On the contrary, when collaborating with an agent in Central Texas, the standard practice is to vacate the property either on or before the closing day, as per property sale conventions.

When you sell to us, you’re freed from the concerns of post-move cleaning or necessary repairs. Your property is purchased in its existing condition, and we’ll provide you with the time you need to locate your new home!

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