3 Ways to Get Your Asking Price While Still Selling Your House Fast in Belton

It may be comforting to know that you have some options to choose from to help solve your Belton home selling problems while still feeling as if the buyer took advantage of you. So read on as we explore these three ways to get your asking price while still selling your house fast.

Seller Finance

One way to get your asking price while selling your house fast is through seller financing. Rather than being a borrower, you become the bank when you sell to professional buyers like those at LJE Property Solutions. At LJE Property Solutions, we pay you monthly payments instead of all at once, giving you truly passive income, and this method can also reduce your tax exposure.

Lease Option

Alternatively, you could get your asking price while selling your house fast in Belton via a lease option agreement. In this scenario, you would rent your property short-term and cash out at an agreed-upon price and time. Often, buyers need time to qualify for a conventional mortgage before they purchase a property yet seek the benefits of homeownership. For savvy sellers, this arrangement offers many low-risk benefits, given the tenants virtually self-manage the property as the would-be owners, with agreed-upon dollar amounts for repair limits in many cases.


Finally, another way to get your asking price while selling your house is through a pre-sale. In this process, you get the equity yet remain in your house for a short time while you shop for your next one. As a result, you avoid the burden of two mortgages and two moves while avoiding the hassles of showings and the out-of-pocket expenses of prepping and repairs.

Professional buyers at LJE Property Solutions know many creative ways to help you get your asking price while still selling your house fast in Belton. The pros at LJE Property Solutions are local investors who built a career building wealth in their real estate portfolio with an intimate working knowledge of the Belton market and the ins and outs of real estate transactions to help solve the many issues that sellers can face. There’s no need to figure it out on your own. Ask us questions with no obligation, and learn how we can help you. Call [company] at 254.493.2101.

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